“Believe me, my son is playing college golf thanks to John Brooks’ help and guidance.”

John Brooks has created a tremendous concept in Red Numbers Golf®! The world of junior golf is very complex, and John is one of the few people with the knowledge to help juniors and their parents understand the intricacies of competitive
junior golf.

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Going To College

As a former college golf coach and someone who has worked with talented junior and collegiate players for over 25 years, John is well qualified to help families navigate junior golf and manage college placement.

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When Should I Apply to Colleges?

Understand Your Options and Factor in the Recruiting Timeline.

One of the most complicated aspects of the college recruiting process is deciding exactly when to apply to colleges. However, for those student-athletes who have accepted an offer to play for a particular school, the process is relatively simple. They follow the coach’s instructions, apply to that school, and wait for an acceptance letter. But for those who are unsure where they will ultimately play college golf or attend school, there are several key questions along the way that have to be addressed. Should you apply early? Should you apply to “reach” schools? If no coach is recruiting you, should you still apply to a few safety schools as a backup plan?

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What Is a Parent’s Role During a Campus Visit?

Learn strategies to help your child make a positive impression.

As parents help their child through the recruiting process, they should always be sure to offer guidance with respect to campus visits. Campus visits (unofficial or official) are valuable opportunities for prospective student-athletes to make a positive impression with the head coach, assistant coach, golf team members, and athletic staff. Taking steps to prepare your son or daughter to approach these personal meetings in the most effective way can heighten the interest of a coach and potentially improve your child’s position on a coach’s recruiting list.

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Do Coaches Really Care About Academics?

Initial-Eligibility Requirements and Graduation Rates Effect Recruiting

Student-athletes are students first and athletes second. Even in nationally competitive programs where there is a lot of pressure to win championships, this is the case. With NCAA initial-eligibility requirements becoming increasingly difficult and new bylaws based on college graduation rates now in place, coaches have to identify junior golfers who can not only help their teams win golf tournaments but can also handle their academic responsibilities. Academics do matter to coaches in the recruiting process.

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Do College Coaches Use Swing Videos To Evaluate Recruits?

Make sure your video includes what coaches are looking for!

Sending your golf swing and short game video to a coach can be an excellent way for them to learn more about you as a player. In many cases, a coach may not have the opportunity to watch you play or practice at a competition site. This is particularly true for Division II and III coaches with limited recruiting budgets. Although the video cannot capture everything about your golf game, it is a good way to make an initial impression on a coach and hopefully to generate some interest as a potential recruit. Before producing it, make sure you understand what should be included (or excluded) in this video.

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Top 10 Recruiting Questions

Coach John Brooks has put together a top 10 most frequently asked questions list to help juniors and parents in their quest for college golf scholarships.

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