“Believe me, my son is playing college golf thanks to John Brooks’ help and guidance.”

John Brooks has created a tremendous concept in Red Numbers Golf®! The world of junior golf is very complex, and John is one of the few people with the knowledge to help juniors and their parents understand the intricacies of competitive
junior golf.

Stephen Hamblin
Executive Director
American Junior Golf Association

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Thank you for your interest in Red Numbers Golf®.  Please take a moment to complete and submit the following Prospective Client Questionnaire. 
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Our program mentors talented junior golfers and their parents toward making well-informed, sound decisions that will enhance their overall junior golf development, assist them throughout the college placement process, and lead to long-term success in life beyond golf.

All clients, regardless of the program they choose, must demonstrate a commitment to:
  • Improving their golf game
  • Working regularly with a qualified swing instructor
  • Preparing to succeed as a collegiate student-athlete
  • Competing in regional/national tournaments throughout the year
  • Securing regular access to a quality practice facility and golf course
  • Participating in a strength and conditioning program
  • Focusing on mental training exercises
  • Excelling in the classroom

"John Brooks, through his Red Numbers Golf®Program, fills a much needed void in preparing both competitive juniors and their parents to successfully manage the transition to collegiate golf. John's experience, individual attention, and professional guidance have dramatically improved all aspects of my son's preparedness to compete at the collegiate level. I strongly encourage any junior golfer contemplating competing at the collegiate level to enroll in the Red Numbers Golf® Program to maximize their opportunities."

Eric Schneider, Sea Island, Georgia


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"My son and I worked with Coach Brooks for two years. He is a first class guy, very professional and we really enjoyed working with him. His consulting skills are at the highest level and, coupled with his intimate knowledge of college golf, enable him to deliver value to the client that exceeds the cost of his fees.  More importantly, he levels the playing field by providing the kind of guidance, tactics and information that enable the client to approach the recruiting process with knowledge and confidence. Since it's a critical process that we would engage in only once, we didn't want to risk 'learning on the job.' Coach Brooks listened carefully to what my son wanted and we got a great result!"

Carl Cohen, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


"As a resident of North Florida, I witnessed the development of UNF's golf program for 13 years under Coach Brooks' leadership. He is an effective communicator who knows what it takes to help junior players improve. To be a successful professional golfer, you need a solid support team during your development years. John Brooks can provide that support to juniors as they strive to improve as players. I consider him an excellent resource for parents as well."

Laura Diaz


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"John Brooks and Red Numbers Golf® have been THE REFERENCE for guiding aspiring juniors and their parents along the ever so confusing path towards collegiate golf. John is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to competitive junior golf. If I ever have students who need help putting together a game plan towards future collegiate play, I direct them to Red Numbers Golf®."

John Webster
Director of Instruction, John Webster Golf Academy

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