“Believe me, my son is playing college golf thanks to John Brooks’ help and guidance.”

John Brooks has created a tremendous concept in Red Numbers Golf®! The world of junior golf is very complex, and John is one of the few people with the knowledge to help juniors and their parents understand the intricacies of competitive
junior golf.

Stephen Hamblin
Executive Director
American Junior Golf Association


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Do you constantly wonder about the next step you should take in your child's junior golf development? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of junior golf tours you are faced with and uncertain about which one to choose? Do you worry that college golf will pass your child by, with no opportunity for a scholarship or a roster position?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then Red Numbers Golf® is probably just what you and your child are looking for. Our program mentors talented junior golfers and their parents toward making well-informed, sound decisions that will enhance their overall junior golf development, assist them throughout the college placement process, and lead to long-term success in life beyond golf.

Prerequisites for Prospective Clients:

Acceptance into the Red Numbers Golf® program, designed primarily for high school students, pivots on a pre-enrollment process for junior golfers.

All clients, regardless of the program they choose, must demonstrate a commitment to:

  • Improving their golf game
  • Working regularly with a qualified swing instructor
  • Preparing to succeed as a collegiate student-athlete
  • Competing in regional/national tournaments throughout the year
  • Securing regular access to a quality practice facility and golf course
  • Participating in a strength and conditioning program
  • Focusing on mental training exercises
  • Excelling in the classroom

Good Behavior:

As a part of their commitment toward athletic improvement and personal growth, participants in the Red Numbers Golf® program must observe high standards of conduct. This means No Drugs and No Alcohol. Our clients should conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen both on and off the golf course. Repeated violations of expected standards may result in dismissal from the program and in forfeiture of fees paid.
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"We came to John Brooks at a difficult time for our son and his potential college golf career. Our son was a very competitive junior player and because of my connections through the golf world, we thought everything would fall in place without any problem. The services Coach Brooks brought to us through Red Numbers Golf® were extremely helpful to both our son and our family. The road map to success, a focused training regimen, tournament schedules, a list of colleges that best fit him, and finally assistance in restoring our son's confidence all proved to be valuable. Our son is very happy at college and his game continues to improve. I highly recommend the Red Numbers Golf® program to anyone who is trying to navigate their way through the maize of junior golf while preparing for a collegiate career."

Scott Perry, Weddington, North Carolina

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